Environmental Policy

Within the scope of our organization’s “ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System”, we direct our work with the aim of minimizing the environmental impacts caused by all our activities and contributing to the protection of the environment, based on the concept of “Sustainable Quality”. Based on this vision, we renew ourselves and adopt the following principles;

  • To comply with all legal regulations and other obligations related to the environment for our industry,
  • To fulfill all requirements by creating an Environmental Management System,
  • To try to reduce the wastes originating from our facilities at their source and to ensure their recycling as much as possible,
  • To reduce losses by keeping the efficiency of our facilities at the highest level by following the developing technology,
  • To minimize the use of natural resources as a result of our continuous improvement efforts,
  • To raise awareness of all our employees and all the individuals and companies we are in contact with about the environment,
  • To continuously increase our environmental performance and to consider the environmental impacts in our new investments.

As the employees of our organization, we undertake to continuously develop and improve our business in the light of the above-mentioned principles, and to comply with the laws, regulations and other conditions.