Luna Metrum

WEB Based AMR Software

LUNA Metrum, is WEB based SMART GRID application software that provides remotely managing of smart devices used in electricity distribution.

It is presented to user experience in multiple languages. Easy and secure access is provided through web / mobile interfaces with a user name and password specially defined for each user.
By this application, information such as current, voltage and power values drawn by a single meter or multiple meters can be accessed by assigning tasks over the system. Defined OBIS codes can be used to learn a specific value recorded on the meter and meter index information can be read. The tasks that are wanted to be repeated can be performed automatically by the system by selecting the repetitive type. The energy of the meter can be connected/disconnected remotely. The system allows assigning more than one energy on/off task at the same time.

  • 100% WEB based application for remote control of meters, modem and data concentrators
  • Access, monitor and manage GSM, PLC, RF, LAN, WAN nodes from single application
  • 1,000,000+ meter reading capability
  • Instant update of live events, notifications, readings
  • Graphical reporting of meter data
  • Export meter data into various formats (Excel, PDF, CVS vb.)
  • Multiple language support
  • Simplicity and power
  • Vending web services providing integration interfaces with card payment systems
  • Time-Based Standard and Generic Reports
  • Fast and Easy Manageability
  • System state analysis with advanced graphics
  • Detailed listing and advanced filtering structure