R&D Processes

We are a family of more than fifty employees who do all hardware and software designs and all tests in our R&D Center with our 100% own resources without the need for any external support.

The process, which starts with electronic schematics designed considering today’s technologies, continues with pcb drawing, and the first phase of the project is completed after the preparation of the first prototypes. Afterwards, electronic tests are carried out within our own body, and the emc and lvd compatibility are reviewed, and the hardware is finalized.

In parallel with this, software and hardware teams come together to shape the software design. The choice of processor to be used is the most important parameter of this stage. This processor can be a chip that we have used before or a new chip. Dozens of platform-independent software libraries created with years of experience are also used in new projects to accelerate software work.

Acting with the motivation to offer a complete solution, we have also developed our own osos system. We have presented the second version of the Metrum system, a software that has proven itself in the field for years, to the field with our experience over the years and the emergence of new technologies.

With the motto of using the most up-to-date technologies, we strive to constantly improve and keep our products up to date.